Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fishing in Alaska

Hello Thai friends. We are so excited to finally write back to you and answer your question about fishing in Alaska.

Hello again Chaiyaphum friends. We love to fish in Alaska and we catch many different kinds of fish here. Five different kinds of salmon live here: King Salmon (Chinook), Pink Salmon (Pinks or Humpbacks), Chum Salmon (Dog), Red Salmon (Sockeye) and Silver Salmon (Coho).

Catching a Pink Salmon

Fishing for Silver Salmon

A Silver Salmon

King Salmon

We also fish for trout here...

...including rainbow trout.

Those are all mainly freshwater fish that live in our rivers and lakes. We also fish from the ocean for Rockfish, cod, and halibut. Some people fish for shellfish such as Alaskan King crab and Snow crab and others dig along the shore for clams.

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