Friday, September 6, 2013

At the Wat: Cooking and Bathrooms...Also, where does drinking water come from?

QHello Thailand friends. We were so excited to receive your answers about the wat and to watch the video you made! The information was so interesting it made us think of several more questions! After seeing the dormitories (kutis), the bot and other buildings, we are wondering, "Where do they cook and use the bathroom?"

Another picture of the bot

A: Hello again! To answer your question about cooking and bathrooms, Nam Peung helped me again. We went back to the wat and took some more pictures to help explain more. First of all, did you know that the monks here do not cook? Early every morning, they go around the village with a large bowl. The villagers then willingly offer food to the monks. This is one way of "making merit."

The only time that people actually cook at the wat is during weddings, funerals, festivals or other big events. Here are some pictures that show some of the things (including cooking supplies) that are available at the wat. Anyone in the community can borrow these items.

tables, chairs and large tents

In this picture you can also see the monk's robes
drying and bowls of food left out for the cats.

Here is a video of Nam Peung explaining a little bit more about cooking at the wat:

To answer your question about bathrooms, here is a picture of a bathroom at the wat:

Here is a picture of the bathroom building:

Behind each door is a bathroom
like the one shown above.

There are five of these bathroom buildings at the wat in my village. Here are some more pictures:

Do you notice anything different about
Thai bathrooms?

QAlso, "Where do you get your water?" We heard it isn't clean. "Why isn't it clean?" 

A: The reason that we can’t drink water out of the faucet here is because the pipes that the water runs through are dirty. They get dirty when there is flooding. The pipes also leak sometimes and dirty water gets in. If you drink this water, it will probably make you sick. We still use the water to take showers though and use it to clean. I use the water to brush my teeth too, but never drink it.

Most of the people in our village collect rain water to drink. Here is a video of Bow explaining how they collect water:

Peace Corps recommended that we still boil the rain water (just to be safe!), but the people in our community do not. Here are some pictures of how rain water is collected at the wat:

Do you see the pipes attached to the gutters?

The hose makes it easier to collect
water in different containers

Some other ways of getting drinking water are boiling the tap water or buying bottled water. Zack and I buy our water from the Nayok (mayor). Here is a picture of the water that we buy:

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