Friday, September 20, 2013

"Dog" and "Cat" in Thai

Q: How do you say "Cat" and "Dog" in Thai?

A: Here is a video of Sa and Nam Peung explaining how to say "cat" and "dog" in Thai:

Thank you for asking this question! After interviewing Sa and Nam Peung I learned that I have been using the less polite word for "dog." I am always learning!  Sa and Nam Peung explained that cat (แมว) is "maeow" (it is a mid-tone, so pronounce it in a flat voice), and dog (สุนัข) is "su-nak." (The first part, "su," is a low tone, and the second part, "nak," is a high tone.) Can you hear the different tones in the words when Sa and Nam Peung say them?

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