Friday, September 20, 2013

Flushing Toilets, Clothing and Food

Q: Hello Chayaphum school friends. We are practicing how to say cat (maeow) and dog (su-nak) in Thai. We did a survey to see how many of our students have maeow and how many have su-nak. Sahm have  su-nak and hok have maeow.

We forgot to ask about the toilets. We want to know if they flush like our American toilets do.

In our classroom, we are learning to make bread so we think about food a lot. We would like  to know what foods are popular for kids in Thailand.

We also learn ways to take care of ourselves in school and one way to take care of ourselves is to dress ourselves. How do you get materials to make clothes?

A: Hello Alaska friends! To answer your question about toilets, it depends on the toilet. The toilets at our house, school, and wat must be flushed by pouring water down it. In the picture of the bathroom at the wat, did you see a large bucket of water next to the toilet? That water is used to flush the toilet and to take bucket showers. To take a bucket shower, you use a bowl to scoop water out of the bucket then pour it over yourself. Some places in Thailand (like hotels and bus stations) have flushing (western) toilets sometimes though.

This week Hem and Geep helped answer your questions. In the video they both say "Nong" before their names. This is like saying "little sister." Saying "Nong Hem" pretty much means "little sister Hem."

In the video, I asked Hem and Geep if they think American clothing and Thai clothing are the same. They said "no." What do you think? The students here wear uniforms at school. Here are some pictures of students in their uniforms:


first grade

school assembly

Hem's favorite dessert is "kanome dtaan" (toddy palm cake). Here is a recipe for kanome dtaan.

Geep's favorite dessert is "kanome kluay" (steamed banana cake). Here is a recipe for kanome kluay.

My favorite dessert is "kanome krok" (coconut cakes). Here is a recipe for kanome krok.

This website lists many popular Thai desserts also: Thai Desserts.

Lastly, Hem wants to know if there are rainbows in America. She is also curious about what types of fish there are. Where we live in Thailand, fish from the rivers and ponds are a big food source. Do you remember the pond in the video of the wat?

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  1. Wow! Your food looks delicious, friends! We may try to cook some during our National Desert Week here in Alaska.

    Do you use wheat for baking or do you mostly use rice?

    Do you grow flowers for decoration?

    Since your last post, was so interesting, we naturally came up with more questions. Because the water is so dirty, how are your water animals able to live in it?